Mariah Carey Brought Out The OTHER Twins For The 2014 BET Honors

And no, we don’t mean her children.

Lambily, let us all take a quick Monday #PRAISE break in honor of the 2014 BET Honors for allowing Mariah Carey to showcase her two greatest assets on Saturday night: her voice and her hair.

Come on! Get your mind outta the gutter. You thought we were talking about the, uh, mountains of spray-tanned majesty atop her chest? WE WOULD NEVER… Except for right now because OMGAH.

The “#Beautiful” singer and mother of Dem Babies performed at the awards show this past weekend while perched atop a piano. Why? Because GLAMOUR, DAHLINGS! She also wowed the audience by performing her then-unannounced new single, “You’re Mine.”

All in all, we are beyond pleased with this #festive act of high diva-ry. And five bucks says Nick Cannon totally updated his iPhone wallpaper as of this morning.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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