Iggy Azalea Gets Aggressively 'Fancy' On Her New Charli XCX Collaboration

Listen to Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" featuring Charli XCX.

'Cause we are living in a fancy world, and Iggy and Charli are fancy girls.

Didja hear? Girl-power pop is so the thing in 2014.

Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga ditched yesterday's dramz for their fantastic, diva-fied "Do What U Want" duet at the beginning of the year. Then, Shakira and Rihanna supplied with us all with a casual reminder that our hips could never on "Can't Remember To Forget You." And now, Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX have teamed up to flaunt their fancy in front of our faces.

The spitfire Aussie femcee's "Fancy" is but the latest single off of her long, long, way-too-long-delayed debut album, The New Classic. To give the track a little extra mmmmph, she recruited our favorite LDN alt-pop princess to wail out a few jagged hooks above a creeping synth pulse -- a match made in heaven that we never would've expected.

The song's a merciless, mile-a-minute brag attack dedicated to the trash-talkers. The major takeaway? Iggy and Charli are far too busy swinging from chandeliers and collecting to be bothered hearing out those haters.

"I be the I-G-G-Y, put my name in bold/ I been workin', I'm up in here with some change to throw," Iggy brags. And then, Charli drives the point home: "I'm so fancy, you already know/ I'm in the fast lane from L.A. to Tokyo." Not since Fergie's "Glamorous" has there been such a spectacularly sass-filled ode to the glam life.

The only thing that could possibly be better than the duet? The upcoming video. Seriously, think about it -- can you even imagine the amount of legendary hair flippage these two are about to whip out?! We're unprepared.

+ Listen to Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" featuring Charli XCX.


Photo credit: Island Def Jam