MTV Artist To Watch: Get To Know Bastille, Watch The London Anthem-Rockers Perform 'Pompeii' + Download A Live Version Of 'Flaws'

Get to know Bastille, MTV's latest Artist To Watch, and watch them perform "Flaws" and "Pompeii" live.

Say hello to Bastille, and watch the four-piece perform "Pompeii" and more live.

Few new bands are dominating the rock world quite like Bastille is right now. Their anthemic, stadium-rocking tracks like "Pompeii" and "Bad Blood" have become alternative radio staples in the past few months. (Not to mention, lead singer Dan Smith is basically the GIF equivalent of catnip for the Tumblr obsessives.)

Nonetheless, the band members say that they're not a rock group: "It’s quite hard to be a rock band without an electric guitar in most of your songs, I think," drummer Chris Wood told Touché! But, ummm, it's also quite hard to mistake Bastille's arena-filling energy for anything else.

Founded by Smith in 2010, the group promptly got a major-label deal with EMI not long after. Though they notched a U.K. No. 1 album with Bad Blood last year, 2014 is looking to be even bigger.

Bastille are nominated in four categories at the 2014 Brit Awards, including British Breakthrough Act, British Group, and British Single. Rounding out their nominations is one for British Album Of The Year, where they'll face off against the likes of the Arctic Monkeys and David Bowie. (Bowie! If that doesn't say big, we don't know what does.)

But really, it should be no surprise that Bastille's blowing up. The group's anthemic songs sound like Coldplay and Mumford & Sons hugging it out under a Coachella dance tent, with Smith's throaty vocals keeping the songs human and raw.

The band also has a thing for antiquity, if songs like "Pompeii" and "Icarus" -- a dance track that laments the mythological Greek youngster who flew "too close to the sun" -- are any indication. Good thing Bastille don't need feathers and wax to soar.

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