Lorde Channels Daria Morgendorffer, And Now We're Off To Binge-Watch 'Daria' All Weekend

Lorde literally looks exactly like Daria in this photo.

Can you tell which one is Lorde and which one is Daria?

Have you guys all heard that crazy conspiracy theory that Lorde is the product of a government-funded operation to bring the 1990s' most iconic teen anti-hero, Daria Morgendorffer, to life?!

JK, totally made that up. But look at this picture of the "Team" singer strolling through Sydney Airport, and just try not to see why we'd push that conspiracy.

Let's examine the evidence. 1.) Lorde's black combat boots. 2.) That deadpan expression. 3) The green army coat that absolutely screams "LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAAAAA." (As in the "Daria" theme song, FYI.)

While we don't want to fully extinguish our "Government Creating IRL Versions Of Our Fave Cartoons" theory quite yet, maybe the Grammy winner was actually channeling those possibly "Daria"-esque 2012 runway looks? (If so, we recommend Lorde copy those sick "Daria" nails that MTV Style spotted on Katy Perry. #AllDariaEverything) We may never know.

What we DO know is that we're now gonna spend the entire weekend binge-watching "Daria" and shopping for a blunt-cut black bobbed wig so that we can audition to be the Jane Lane to Lorde's Daria 'cause WE'D DO ANYTHING TO BE LORDE'S (OTHER) BFF!

+ Wanna get in on the TV binge? Watch full episodes of "Daria" here.

Photo credit: Splash News, MTV