Austin Mahone Thinks It’s Time For A Haircut, And We Are BESIDE OURSELVES

Should the “MMM Yeah” singer get a haircut? How about MMM NO.

So, Mahomies, we woke up this morning thinking it was going to be a perfect day, right? Then, Austin Mahone posts a super-cute Instagram photo of his perfect, shaggy hair covering his gorg eyes. All cool, right?

WRONG. Along with the selfie, Austin left a VERY TERRIFYING/THREATENING caption: “I think it’s time for a haircut.” Aaaaaand, now we’re in a glass case of emotion. What is THIS LIFE?!

Is this up for discussion, Austin? Are you asking us for our opinion on this matter? Not really? Well, can we offer it anyway? Because…


Please, please, please don’t do it. It hurts our brains just thinking about those beautiful locks disappearing.

So, now you know where we stand on the issue.

+ When reached for comment, Pavement had this to say.

Photo credit: Austin Mahone’s Instagram | GIFs:, Inthelandofgifs,