5 Seconds Of Summer Flex Their Pictionary Muscles, Sing About UNDERWEAR (OMG!) In The ‘She Looks So Perfect’ Lyric Video

She? More like THEY look so perfect standing there, amirite????

Touring with One Direction, winning Buzzworthy’s Fan Favorite Breakthrough Band of 2013 — it’s kind of insane to think about what 5 Seconds Of Summer have accomplished without ever, um, officially releasing any of their music stateside. Sure, the pop-rockers are massive names in the U.K. and their native Australia. But on this continent? We’re, like, literally (okay, not literally) starving.

Luckily, 5SOS aim to change all that this spring with the release of their debut American release, She Looks So Perfect. Can’t wait that long? Then at least you now have a lyric video for the EP’s title track to obsess over until then. And it riffs on the ’90s ultimate family fun night game, Pictionary!

“She Looks So Perfect” gives us a sonic taste of what’s to come on their album, and speaking of the ’90s, OH, is it ever late-’90s. (And no, we’re not just talking about the high-contrast cinematography.) Think a poppier version of Sublime and Goo Goo Dolls’ alt-rock or a mellowed take on SR-71’s brand of pop-punk.

“Real Music Stuff” aside though, we’ve gotta hand it to Luke, Mikey, Calum, and Ash. I mean, Pictionary’s impossible enough with a pen and paper. But these graffiti-fied takes on some of the song’s lyrics?

Translation: “I’m so down.”

Translation: “I’ve got your name tattooed in an arrow heart.”

Translation: “Your lipstick stain is a work of art.”

Translation: “In my American Apparel underwear.”

GENIUS. You guys can play with us any time. Pictionary! We meant Pictionary. Or whatever. Bye!

Be on the lookout for 5 Seconds Of Summer’s debut EP, She Look So Perfect, set for an Apr. 1 U.S. release. Pre-order begins Feb. 25.

+ Watch 5 Seconds Of Summer’s “She Looks So Perfect” lyric video.

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