How Justin Bieber's Been Staying Classy: Drinking Wine And Painting

According to this selfie photo on Instagram, Justin Bieber's been drinking wine and painting.

Ladies: Justin likes longs walks on the beach, a vintage red varietal, and painting. 

When Justin Bieber's not busy taking the snowboarding world by storm or mastering the OTHER kind of blunt, he's apparently quite the cultured dude. Who knew that JB was the kinda guy who likes to spend quiet evenings at home painting and sippin' on a fine red wine? #RenaissanceBrah

(Then again, Justin is only 19 years old. For all we know, the drink in his wine glass could just be sizzurp Barq's Root Beer.)

The "Confident" singer shared the photo on Instagram yesterday, captioning, "Classy night #painting." We definitely feel like every single douchebag guy on OkCupid should pay attention to Justin's classy, lady-wooing ways. (You hear me, SoulPatch69? This gal does NOT want to watch you perform sensual improv on our first date.)

Is Justin sending a message to a certain on-again, off-again luh-vare, Selena Gomez? Like: "Hey baby, I'm all about the simple life now... Just you, me, a bottle of Barolo, and a palette so I can paint your picture, even though it probably wouldn't do your beauty justice."

IDK, but we're feeling the Biebs' new "classy" side. Throw in some spoken-word poetry, and Justin could be the new Gevalia Coffee spokesman. With all due respect to Johan, we would be 100% okay with that.

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram