True Patriots Taylor Swift And Cara Delevingne Serve George Washington Realness

Taylor Swift and George Washington

Is Tay-Tay picking up some new red carpet poses from G. Dubs?

President's Day is still ten days away, but it looks like a certain statuesque pop-country diva is already getting into the patriotic holiday spirit. Taylor Swift shared a photo on Instagram of her and supermodel/Rihanna BFF Cara Delevingne serving their best George Washington in front of a portrait of 'Murrica's first prezzy.

Based on the presidential portraiture, Taylor must've taken this picture the same night she and Ed Sheeran covered The Knife's "Heartbeats" at the U.S. ambassador's house. And we think we know why the "All Too Well" singer is emulating the American Revolutionary leader.

For one, George knew from breakups. Helloooo, he was like: "Sorry, England, this just isn't working. It's not you, it's the taxes. Let's try and be friends tho! XOXO, G. Dubs."

Two: America's Designing Dad could really werque a pose, non? Just LOOK at that arm extension. Tay can sashay shantay just walking into AN AIRPORT, but we can only hope she introduces this pose at the next awards show. And then the "George Washington" lewk becomes a real thing. #GodBlessAmerica

Photo credit: Taylor Swift's Instagram