According To This #TBT Photo, Beyonce's Been Slaying The Side-Pony Game Since 1990!

Check out this adorable #tbt photo of Beyonce.

Bey may be a "Grown Woman," but we all need to #BOWDOWN to this photo of her as a kid.

Let's play a game! Everyone grab their yearbook from 1990, and share their school picture like Beyoncé recently did on Instagram!

Ohhhh, some of you don't wanna play because your circa-1990 side ponytail pales in comparison to Queen B's?! (And the rest of you probably weren't even born yet, but IGNORING THAT.)

Well no matter, 'cause the game was over before it started. The "Drunk In Love" singer has pretty much slayed Throwback Thursday forever with a head tilt, a layered pastel turtleneck, and an equilibrium-defying hairdo.

Will anyone who's mad that Beyoncé is using her #TBT posts to make us gush uncontrollably over how adorbz she was as a child please raise their hand? (I mean, remember that baby photo that literally made us try to hug our screens?) As expected, NO HANDS RAISED.

Anyway, keep 'em coming. It makes putting together my midterm collage for this totally legit Beyoncé college course at Rutgers University that much easier. I'm just a few credits away from getting my M.F.A. -- that's Master of ***Flawless Arts, FYI.

Photo credit: Beyoncé's Instagram