Watch Ginuwine Teach Teyana Taylor Some #TBT Moves From His ‘Pony’ Video

BOOM. Your day just got better because it now involves Ginuwine.

So, kids out there, maybe you’re only familiar with Ginuwine because of a sub-plot on “Parks & Recreation” where it turns out that he’s none other than Donna Meagle’s cousin. Or, perhaps you only recognize his iconic sex jam “Pony” because Rihanna sampled it on 2012’s “Jump.” If that’s the case, we suggest you stop what you’re doing, open up Spotify, play¬†Ginuwine… The Bachelor, and find out what you’ve been missing.

In short:

Are we all up to speed on our crucial ’90s R&B knowledge? GEWD. Now, you’re ready for another Throwback Thursday lesson, this time courtesy of Teyana Taylor and the finely aged Bachelor himself.

In this “Retromania” clip, the recording artist/actress/star of my favorite episode of “My Super Sweet 16” gets a one-on-one “Pony” video choreography lesson — “Ginuwine Grind” and all. She even gets Ginuwine to reveal what the titular “pony” actually refers to…

Let’s just say it doesn’t neigh.

+ Watch Ginuwine teach Teyana Taylor some dance moves from his “Pony” video on “Retro-Step.” Want more “Retromania”? Duh. Check out clips from Redman’s episode of “MTV Cribs,” and catch Amber Rose and Iggy Azalea acting out the phone scene from “Mean Girls.”

Photo credit: MTV / GIFs: Running Kellometers on Blogspot, boswelling on WordPress, Rebloggy

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