Cody Simpson Releases A Shirtless Selfie And 'Love' Video On The Same Day, And We Declare It An International Holiday

Cody Simpson

We will (unofficially) call today "Cody Simpson Spoils Us Forever" Day! 

Oh hello, world. Anyone realize what holiday it is today? UMMM, it's just the day Cody Simpson dropped both a shirtless photo of himself AND released his new music video! Now, let's all hold hands and collectively swoon.

The Aussie "Pretty Brown Eyes" singer shared a shirtless, oceanside snap of him on Instagram to warm us up during these BRUTAL winter temps we're experiencing on this side of equator. #Blessed

But WAIT, he also shared the Ziggy Marley collabo/equally beach-friendly music video for his single, "Love," from the Surfer's Paradise album! Spoiler alert: he's equally as easy on the eyes in the summer-time lovin' video as the photo, too. Um, maybe let's put Cody shirtless on a stamp or something in honor of the new holiday? (Don't EVEN with a stamp lick joke, YOU GUISE.)

It's like Cody woke up this morning and said, "What can I get my Simpsonites that's better than a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day? Oh, duh. A pic of my pecs..." And because he's so generous, he threw in the video, too.

Now, kick back and celebrate the new "Cody Simpson Spoils Us Forever" Day by indulging in his delicious treat of a video, 'cause it's got no calories and um, it is a holiday, after all. Show some respect!

+ Watch Cody Simpson's "Love" music video.

Photo credit: Cody Simpson's Instagram