You Don't Choose To Fall In Love With Debbie Clarke's 'Choose Our Own Adventure.' It Chooses You


Debbie Clarke's "Choose Our Own Adventure" is the best book metaphor-turned-pop song you'll hear this year.

Gather 'round, y'all: It's time to get acquainted with Welshe singer, Debbie Clarke.

You see, she's got an amazing song out at the moment. It's called "Choose Our Own Adventure," and it's part of her upcoming self-titled EP, due out next week.

Perfectly timed for Valentine's Day (except if you're single — LOL SRY, this won't help cure your blues one bit), "Choose Our Own Adventure" is an us-against-the-world romantic anthem dedicated to that feeling you get when you find that special one and realize that all you need is love -- heard that once in a song, possibly? -- to take on the world together. It's a super sweet message, and the song itself is great, too.

As for the verses? Think Kate Bush-meets-Feist quirk-pop goodness. And then BOOM — in comes that massive pop hook of a chorus: "We're at the beginning, choose our own adventure/As long as you're with me, our dreams are forever, so take me away!" Debbie cries out on the song's irresponsibly catchy chorus. Seriously: it's major.

And that tender, near-whispered bridge? "To someone else we have nothing, they can't tell we have everything." Pause... swoon... repeat.

Obviously, the accompanying video is all about doing whatever you want — you know, like kayaking and setting sail on the open seas and being a fireman and having babies and all the other #LifeChoices It's your adventure to choose!

Anyway, start getting properly obsessed: The Royal Academy of Music-trained songbird's officially one to watch, and she deserves to have her storybook ending.

+ Watch Debbie Clarke's "Choose Our Own Adventure" video:

Photo credit: Warner Music Germany