Blue Ivy And Beyonce Jam To Rihanna! Adorable, But Hopefully She's Not Bumpin' 'S&M,' You Know?

bey-blue-rihanna-tuneBut what Rihanna song are Blue Ivy and Bey grooving to?!

This morning, Rihanna revealed the newest recruit to her Navy fan base on Instagram, none other than Beyonce's Mini-Me, Blue Ivy!

And by the look of Bey's smile, the "Drunk In Love" singer is totally not jeals that her kid isn't jamming out to HER music. (Would Blue even want to hear her parents sing about knocking boots?! Ew.)

But this begs the question: WHICH SONG IS BLUE IVY JAMMING TO? Based on the iTunes track image of Rih, we can deduce it's not the Shakira duet "Can't Remember To Forget You." We doubt Beyonce would let Blue listen to "S&M" or "Pour It Up" because COVER YOUR EARS, YOUNG LADY.

Personally, we think it's "Diamonds," because there is literally no more appropriate song for what's happening in this photo: the daughter of music royalty just curating a playlist, as her mother lounges on a gold-leafed chair in stiletto heels and what we'll call "fancy underthangs." All that's missing is the Gold Sippy Cup.

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram

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