Here's A Friendly Reminder That Beyoncé And Jay Z Are Still The Most In Love Couple EVER

Beyonce, Jay-Z

Looks like Seattle Seahawk QB Russell Wilson is the third wheel on Bey and Jay's date night. AWKS!

With Valentine's Day just ten days away, we want to pay homage to the most romantic couples in history. Then, we saw this picture of Beyoncé and Jay Z having the cutest date night at the Philadelphia 76ers vs. Brooklyn Nets game at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and we realized that NO OTHER COUPLE IN THE HISTORY OF LOVE EVEN MATTERS.

Please, take all the time you need to swoon over how the "XO" singer still longingly stares at her man after almost six years of marriage. So, how awkward for their courtside pal, Super Bowl Champion/Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson? We've been there, Russ! (Our entire college dorm life can be summed up in one word: "Sexiled.")


If you were wondering where the winners of the world were last night...

Oh, and while we're feeling like a third wheel, we're exerting some jealously seeing the "Drunk In Love" couple hang out with the reigning NFL champion! Total Winners' Circle happening. (And on Bey's double pom-pom hat. #Clutch)

But, um, judging from Bey's lustful look, we imagine she was like, "Ah, game's not even over and we have to bounce early. Sorry, Russell! Um, why? We have to get home right away. For Blue Ivy. Yep. That's it. Blue needs us! Byeeee! Jay, make sure we pick up the #SURFBOARDT on the way home."

So how do we love Beyonce and Jay Z's greatest love of all? Let me count the ways: A GAZILLION, BAZILLION, INFINITY TIMES FOREVER THEY WIN FOREVER SO DON'T EVEN TRY TO HATE.

What? We never said we were poets.

Photo credit: Getty Images