Joe Jonas ALMOST Makes Us Want To Drink Healthy Green Juice

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas goes green and it makes us really hungry... For pizza.

Guys, doesn't looking at Joe Jonas holding a nutritious glowing green juice in workout clothes inspire you to throw on your gym shoes and get reacquainted with the elliptical again?

No? We're the only ones who cringe at the sight of blended vegetables and fitness gear? Yeah, so while the new uncle/full-time UILF gets his healthy juicing on, we're gonna order a pizza with extra cheese -- but you have fun, BB! BAI!

Not gonna lie though, seeing the svelte "First Time" singer exposing some bicep/tricep/flawlesscep (anatomic scientists WILL discover that last muscle eventually, btw) while slurping on a vitamin-packed snack in West Hollywood kinda makes us want to get back in to our own health regimen.

Maybe if we drink more blended kale, chard, and dandelion juice, we might look like a former Jonas Brother, too? We suppose it's possible to suffer through a rabbit diet for that. Wait, unless can get the same benefits from juicing pizza? JK/Ew!

No really, can someone find out if you can juice pizza? It's just as healthy, right? #HealthyEatz

Photo credit: Splash News