Nicole Atkins' 'Girl You Look Amazing' Is Your New Hair-Flipping, Sad Selfie Anthem


Need a joyous new sad-girl anthem? Nicole Atkins did the work for you.

Nicole Atkins' "Girl You Look Amazing" should come with a full-length mirror (all the better to give yourself a Chrissie Hynde shag cut), an iPhone permanently flipped to selfie mode, and a bottle of Bulleit for crying it out (while listening to "The Worst Hangover.") It's a disco cowgirl's liberty-walk-meets-walk-of-shame anthem that hints at the black dog buried deep inside (something about that line "in the gutter you discover all the things you miss").


It's a husky, dusky, bass-happy, honky-pop earworm by Jersey girl-turned-Brooklyn indie queen Nicole Atkins, from her brand-new Slow Phaser album (file under "must listen... now") reminiscent of Carole King, Jenny Toomey, the late, great Kirsty MacColl, and, of course, The Pretenders. (Fans of Marina and the Diamonds and Anna Calvi listen up, too.)

If you're anything like me, you'll be listening on repeat, crying on the inside, and then pretending everything's totally cool and under control on Instagram.

+ Listen to Nicole Atkins' "Girl You Look Amazing" and Slow Phaser album:

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