Watch Craft Supplies Come To Life In The Colourist’s Charming ‘Fix This’ Video

Watch Craft Supplies Come To Life In The Colourist’s Charming ‘Fix This’ VideoThe Colourist's "Fix This" video is a "trippin' in Jo-Ann Fabrics" good time.

The Colourist's new video “Fix This” is like nothing you've seen before, assuming, of course, that you've never spent any time hallucinating in the aisles of a Jo-Ann Fabric. Either way, it will provide serious inspo for your cold weather crafternoon.

The Willie Witte-directed video is an explosion of colorful yarns come to life, animating threads into scenes of lovers holding hands, a sunset, and an unblinking eye. How do you NOT want to break out the needle and spool now?

Crafts aside, the song is a fun blast of indie-pop energy to keep you dancing instead of consulting your Pinterest boards. The song, released on the Orange County foursome's Lido EP this past summer, careens on a joyous synth-lead and persistent guitar rhythm that inject singer/drummer Maya Tuttle's vocals with a sense of ebullient glee -- despite the somewhat SADZ lyrics...

“I won't sleep tonight, you won't leave this house,” she sings. “I will fix this somehow.” It's the same sense of downcast emotions disguised in a sunny-sounding song that we heard in “Little Games," the song that had us falling for the band this summer.

Also falling for them? Basically everyone else. The band, who'll release their self-titled debut LP on March 24, are touring with Panic! At The Disco, and have been on the road with Metric, Grouplove, among others. Seems like there's nothing much to fix here at all!

+ Watch The Colourist's "Fix This" video here. 

Photo credit: Sneak Attack Media

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