Ariana Grande Wins The Flawless Selfie Game For LIFE!

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande just shut down the selfie game. THE END.

If you're concerned that the selfie is going to become extinct due to Ariana Grande's perfect snap that she recently shared Instagram, your fears may be... Valid.

Just look at the "Right There" singer's flawlessness in this photo and try to explain why anyone else ever has to attempt another selfie ever again. Go ahead, we'll wait.

What takes this selfie to Glamour Shots-level elegance, besides nailing her angles and lighting WITHOUT EVEN USING A FILTER? Um, those 100-carat diamonds-for-eyes that send facets of twinkling beauty in to the dark recesses of our souls? A stunning mane of hair cascading at her shoulders like ombre waterfalls? Check, check, check.

Or, just how about just the fact that there isn't a flaw that can be found in any part of this shot. (There's not even one misplaced eyelash, so please don't even waste your time hunting.) So, bai, so long, the end, Ariana has won the selfie Olympics for life.

However, we don't want to stifle anybody's creative selfie expression. But we'll just have our "nice try/you did your best/want some ice cream to cheer you up?" speech on hand, you know, just in case you feel like posting one.

Photo credit: @arianagrande