Austin Mahone's Shirtless Selfie Gives Us Warm, Tingly Feelings (As Well As Hope For Early Spring)

We don't mind that there's six weeks of winter left when there's a new photo of Austin Mahone shirtless!

Did you hear the recent and annoying news that the groundhog saw his shadow, which means that we'll have six more weeks of this EVIL winter? NATURE? YOU ARE THE WORST! Fortunately, Austin Mahone is here to give us hope for warmer days ahead with yet another shirtless selfie! #grateful

If the "MMM Yeah" singer's shirtless Instagram says anything, it screams, "LOL! Bring on six more weeks of cold! No Polar Vortex is going to keep this 12-pack under cover."

Okay, so, technically it appears the pic was taken indoors (thought let's not forget the time that he braved NYC winter cold with no jacket because he's immortal and so hot he's immune to winter weather), where it appears the MTV Artist To Watch is training to become the next great American superhero. Just look at abs of steel and tell us you don't see a potential Super Mahone. Also, that shoe collection. Woah.

You should probably just continue staring at Austin's abs. That warm, tingling sensation means it's working.

Photo credit: @austinmahone