Happy Birthday, Harry Styles! We Recreated Your Magical Birth In This ADORABLE Video

Happy Birthday, Harry Styles! We Recreated His Magical Birth In An ADORABLE Video

The birth of Harry Styles! #ChoralCrescendo

Look, we take Harry Styles' birthday very enthusiastically 'round here at the MTV HQ. Today, the One Direction lad turns 20, and in honor of the "Midnight Memories" singer entering his roaring twenties (it is the decade of self-discovery, BB, but it looks like you've already gotten a head start), animator Neta Cohen apparently of the Department of Cute-ass Videos created a 15-second animated clip in his honor.

Let's break down this mini-masterpiece, shall we?

The "plot" revolves around Harry's clearly immaculate origins. It's the United Kingdom, 1994. There's an empty baby carriage. A unicorn, a fairy, a cat, the Union Jack, and a magnet defy, um, all reason and logic, floating magically in a divine quintet of cuteness!

Next, the unicorn ralphs rainbows all over the place, and the group of five morph into a whirling dervish of perfection, and BLAMMO! Baby Harry emerges a perfectly coiffed angel.

There's even a surprise cameo from his, um... "Mr. Sniffles," his "X Factor," his "baloney baton"...  We've run out of weenus euphemisms, but don't blink and miss a cameo from his you-know-whatsie!

And that is the story of this #blessed event, Directioners. We're ready to take out "For Your Consideration" ads in the trades. (It's no Harry Styles portrait made of noodles, but we're certain it stands as a work of art nonetheless.)

+ Watch MTV's "Happy Birthday, Harry Styles" video.

Animator: Neta Cohen / Photo credit: MTV