Get Ready, NYC! Macklemore And A Plane Full Of Seahawks Fans Are Headed To The Super Bowl!

Can’t hold THESE Seattle Seahawks fans. 

It’s not like we didn’t already know that Macklemore is, like, a MASSIVE fan of the Seattle Seahawks. After all, he’s close pals with the football team’s coach, Pete Carroll, and let’s not forget about the time he posed with faux “step dad” and co-Seahawks fanatic, Will Ferrell.

But like, going as far as corralling an entire plane full of Seahawks fans to travel with you to watch the team play in the Super Bowl on Sunday?! THAT’S DEDICATION.

Macklemore took to Instagram to share his “fans on a plane” moment, captioning: “Seahawks plane headed to NYC…..TURN UP!!!!!!!#superbowl #seahawks.”

Based on the photo, it’s a bit unclear whether the “Same Love” rapper commissioned a private plane for all his favorite Seahawks Stans, or if these football die-hards just happened to all be seated in the same first-class section of a commerical flight.

Either way, Macklemore’s entire plane was WAY REVVED to see the Seahawks play in the big game. Unless there were any Broncos fans on board.

Photo credit: Macklemore’s Instagram

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