21 Sexiest Moments In Shakira And Rihanna’s ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’ Video

This clip is, like, CRIMINALLY sexy.

When we first heard that Shakira and Rihanna were joining forces on “Can’t Remember To Forget You,” we understandably FLIPPED. As flawlessly erotic as the song alone was, one thing was clear in our minds: Thei forthcoming music video would be one of the sexiest experiences of our adult lives. #TMI #SorryNotSorry

Thankfully, we were not at all wrong. (We repeat: AT. ALL.) The concept for the Joseph Kahn-directed clip is basically: “#SHAKIRIRI run wild in a gorgeous yet deserted mansion. Just add water, Shakira Classic™ wall-twerking, and some touching most sensual.” If you’re not on board after that summary, then you’re just plain doing it wrong. Doing what wrong? All of it.

But really, why keep describing what is easily the sexiest video of 2014 thus far, when you could, um, SEE IT FOR YOURSELF? Here are the 21 sexiest moments in the “Can’t Remember To Forget You” clip.

1.) Oooooh, it opens on Shakira’s bed!

2.) OMG, that’s just her STAIRCASE bed. In case she wants to make love ON THE STAIRCASE. GAH!

3. That “She Wolf“-level ass situation.

4.) Eeee! Some Britney Spears in “Womanizer” toplessness.

5.) When you realize how many pool boys have become pool men on that chaise lounge.

6.) This figure skating outfit, OMFG. #ImGay


8.) Who is this mysterious woman strutting down the hallway?


10.) A hint of nuzzling? Swapping of pool boy stories?

11.) THIS.

12.) THIS.

13.) THIS.

14.) THIS.

15.) THIS.

16.) Are they touching each other?


18.) That “Objection (Tango)” guitar-shredding sexiness. 

19.) THIS is how you make a one-person band sexy. Bert from “Mary Poppins”? TAKE NOTE.

20.) FWEEEEEE, naked touching!

21.) Flawless ab situation, and OUT.

+ Watch Shakira’s “Can’t Remember To Forget You” video featuring Rihanna.

Photo credit: RCA