Chromeo And Toro Y Moi's 'Come Alive' Video Is Basically A Makeout-Heavy Version Of 'Mannequin'

Watch Chromeo's "Come Alive" video featuring Toro Y Moi.

If only Hollywood had made a cameo in this "Mannequin"-inspired clip!

What do you do when you're stood up on a date? Why, hit up your nearest megamall, animate a bunch of lifeless mannequins, and throw an impromptu dance party, followed by an equally impromptu makeout-heavy after-party.

At least, that's what Chromeo resort to in the new video for their throwback party anthem du jour, "Come Alive" featuring Toro y Moi. If that's not your thing, though, no worries. You do you, boo. Meanwhile, we'll be over here making all of our "Mannequin"-obsessed fantasies come true. Bye!

Anyway, unlike the 1987 classic, the Alex Southam-directed clip for the White Women track offers a much more realistic perspective on Andrew McCarthy's mannequin predilection -- "realistic" being a relative term because, um, a bunch of mannequins just started dancing because #YachtRock.

Instead of bypassing the laws of biology and marrying their Kim Cattrall stand-ins, Chromeo's Dave 1 and Toro get busted getting nasty in the mannequin closet by mall security (aka Chromeo's P-Thugg), and are promptly ejected from the building.

Whatever, not everyone's cut out for mannequin-ogamy! No judgements here! Nothing's gonna stop you now.

+ Watch Chromeo's "Come Alive" video featuring Toro Y Moi.

Photo credit: Atlantic Records