Watch Paramore Legit Break, Like, A Bunch Of World Records In Their ‘Ain’t It Fun’ Video

Here’s Paramore after destroying, like, a MILLION world records! 

When we first heard that Paramore had decided to scrap their original clip for “Ain’t It Fun,” we thought to ourselves: “Well, this new one had better be a doozy!” And a doozy it IS, friends. DOOZY. IT. IS.

In the new Sophia Peer-directed video, Paramore set off on a series of crazy challenges that will ideally help them break a bunch of the most random yet totally badass world records. Why, though? Um, because they wanna break the record for most records broken by a band in a single music video! Records on records! #RECORDCEPTION

So, what kind of debauchery goes down? Well, there’s the “Most Feathers Caught in 30 Seconds” attempt, plus the “Fastest Time Smashing 30 Clocks with Guitars” section.

We’d also be remiss not to bring up the whole “Most Cartwheels in 20 Seconds While Wearing Boots” challenge — mainly because HOLY ABS, HAYLEY!!!!

We’re also super into the “Longest Time Spinning a Record on Your Finger” one, not to mention the most visually pleasing challenge: “Fastest Time Running 30 Feet Backwards Holding Stuffed Animals While Blindfolded.”

Now, if you’ll kindly excuse us, we’re off to try and break the record for “Most Times a Lone Human Can Watch a Single Music Video They’re Obsessed With.” SEE YA!

+ Watch Paramore’s “Ain’t It Fun” video.

Photo credit: Fueled By Ramen

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