A #TBT Ode To Britney Spears’ Arm Sock At The Super Bowl XXXV Halftime Show

B’s arm sock: truly the unsung hero of the sock world.

With Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, we could not be more excited. The big game! Le grand footballs! Big sporting time! Ole throwy!

Fine, you got us. We’re not exactly the most athletically-inclined people in the world. (#WhatIsSports) Nonetheless, we’re still super-jazzed over the halftime show, which this year stars Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

From Beyonce’s literal show-stopper last year to Madonna’s self-edifying retrospective in 2012, these pop spectaculars have always dazzled — perhaps none more so than in 2001, when Britney Spears joined forces with *NSYNC, Nelly, Aerosmith, and Mary J. Blige.

Walk this way? K. Dress this way? Double K.

Maybe it was the genre-crossing alliance. Perhaps it was the fact that Justin Timberlake and Britney were still dating at the time. But overall, we think what truly captivated us about this halftime show was the unexplained athletic sock-as-fingerless glove snuggly wrapped around Brit’s arm.

We feel that we must honor this bold accessory the only way we know how: bold, provocative free-verse poetry. So, let’s pay our respects, shall we? Ahem, “An Ode to Britney Spears’ Arm Sock”:

O, arm sock found on Britney Spears.

Sometimes we run, sometimes we hide,

But we’ve never been scared of you.

Only… curious.

Why are you wrapped around Britney’s arm?

Neither lace nor leather, be-tub├Ęd as it were.

Whence did you crawl out from under? Yon pump? Yon sneaker?

So funky. So cool. So email. But trendy? Sorry, but…

Only curious.

You’re welcome.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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