Paramore Frontwoman Hayley Williams Fangirls Over Fall Out Boy -- Just Like Us!

Hayley Williams

Our fave Paramore lady is wide-eyed over Fall Out Boy's set.

So, Hayley Williams went to see Fall Out Boy play VH1's "Super Bowl Blitz" at the Brooklyn Bowl, and all she got was this boring set list print-out.

JK! The "Still In To You" singer was there to do more than just take this amazing FOB fangirl selfie on Instagram. Hayley also surprised everyone in the audience by joining the guys onstage during "Sugar We're Going Down"!

We repeat: Hayley Williams got on stage to lend her unstoppable pipes to one of Fall Out Boy's greatest hits while whipping her flawless orange bob around like a pop-punk shooting star. BRB, fangirling our collective ish over this coalescing of faves on faves.

Wait! Did you just fangirl at home? Does that mean we just shared a very special double-fangirl moment together?! AHHHHH!!!! #BFFs4Lyfe

+ Watch Fall Out Boy perform "Sugar, We're Going Down" live with Hayley Williams at VH1's Super Bowl Blitz.

Photo credit: Paramore's Instagram