Beyonce's Sleepy Selfie Proves That She Does In Fact Wake Up Like This (Flawless)

Beyonce's 'Morning Selfie' Face Flawlessly Expresses Our Disdain For Sleep Alarms

We hit snooze a couple of times this morning, too, Yoncé.

Oh, Beyoncé. As if you'd wake up looking anything but ***flawless. The "Drunk In Love" singer shared this in-bed selfie on Instagram minus a caption, which we can only guess would be something like: "Hey, iPhone alarm? SHUT YER YAPPER. I don't wanna leave my 1,200-threadcount designer sheets yet."

BTW, do you thinks she's more of a "Ripples" or "Presto" alarm sound kind of person? Doi, she probably wakes up to a stellar "Drunk In Love" remix because she's humble like that.

Anyway, we can only imagine how challenging it must be to leave the bedroom when you've got the kind of smokin' hot relationship that she and her husband, Jay Z, do. (Uh, their Grammys performance almost gave us an immaculate conception). They are the most in love EVERRR, after all.

Her face could be saying: "Oh, dang, I have to leave my marital love-nest to do some werque and supervise Blue Ivy's organic, locally-sourced breakfast prep. Hahahaha, Jay, stop it! I have to get up now!" Or something. IDK. All we know is that we'll never wake up looking this gorgeous. Or smiling. #snooze

Photo credit: Beyoncé's Instagram