Taylor Swift Is Obviously More Flawless-Looking At The Airport Than Normal People

 Taylor Swift is always flawless-looking, if this airport photo is to be believed.

Taylor Swift probably boards "Priority Flawless," obvs.

Guys, can we all just borrow a move out of Taylor Swift's flight deck and try to look as immaculate as she does the next time we're catching a plane? Seriously, are we all picking up what I'm putting down? STOP. WEARING. SWEATPANTS. AND. HOODIES. TO. AIRPORTS. It's not a gym. Ok, thx! Have a good day! Buh bai.

Now that we've gotten that out of our system, can we talk about how the "Everything Has Changed" singer is practically GLOWING as she enters LAX? Note how she's not half asleep, carrying her own pillow, and mumbling something about taking her shoes off at security. Every single thing about Taylor just screams: "FIRST CLASS!"

Speaking of first class, could you imagine sitting down in your luxuriously roomy seat, only to learn that TAYLOR SWIFT IS SITTING NEXT TO YOU? You'd spend the entire flight sipping free champagne and catching up on Taylor's new BFF, Lorde -- basically celebrating how much you're both winning at life right now.

Too bad you're actually plopped in between two heavy snorers in coach, where the only thing you get for free is a packet of stale pretzels. #Sigh #IfOnly

Photo credit: Splash News

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