What Courtney Hashtagged: Courtney Love’s First Vlog — In GIFs!

Congratulations, everyone, for today we are ALL the girl with the most cake. After taking the Twitterverse by storm with her opinionated 140-character missives and making Tumblr gag on her daily outfits, Courtney Love has branched out into YouTube with her own premium channel.

While the Hole frontwoman’s premiere is more of a teaser montage of what’s to come than a full-fledged episode of its own, the clip is packed full of that signature, outspoken Courtney-ness.

I mean, as much as I love reading her tweets every day, hearing these brazen soundbites voiced by Ms. Love herself is on, like, a whole different level. (Full disclosure: VH1’s “Behind The Music: Courtney Love” was basically a two-hour religious experience for me. #LivedThroughThat #Obsessed)

Anyway, one carryover from Courtney’s other social handles are a heavy use of hashtags. They’ll basically tell you everything you need to know about the “Celebrity Skin” singer’s docu-series.

Courtney mostly uses hashtags on this episode to describe herself.

Hmmmm, agreed, agreed, agreed, agreed, and… agreed! Agreed on all counts.

Also, Courtney might’ve coined “twibel.”

That’s “tweet” and “libel,” FYI. The term refers to that alleged Twitter defamation case she won days ago.

But clearly, Courtney’s greatest hashtag in the whole video is: “#BIGSWEATYBALLS.”

OMG, now I just wanna “Mad Libs” that into her lyrics. “And all the stars were made of #BIGSWEATYBALLS.” Ahhhhh! Or, what about: “Crash and burn/ All the #BIGSWEATYBALLS explode tonight.” Looks like I’ll be plenty occupied until the next episode drops.

+ Watch Courtney Love’s “YouTube Channel Premiere” video.


Photo credit: Courtney Love’s YouTube channel / GIFs: MTV