Happy 32nd Birthday, Adam Lambert! Here, We Got You This LAMBorghini Transformer!

Happy 32nd birthday, Adam Lambert! Here, we got you this Adam Lamborghini Transformer.

Transformers: Lamberts in disguise!

Hey, Adam Lambert, c'mere! We've got something to tell you! Closer. Closer. Clooooooser. OK, here's what we're dying to say to you: WHY WON'T YOU MARRY US?!?! Happy 32nd birthday!!!!

Now, STOP BEING SO CLOSE, GAWD! We've got a little surprise birthday present for you, and we think you might wanna sit down for it. Alright, you ready? Dramatic music, please! We got you this custom-made, super-cool LAMBorghini "Transformers" action figure!!!! No one else in your class has one, we swear.

Why a Transformer? Well, you are a child of the '80s. If possible, the Adam Lambo would have ALSO transformed into Jem, but toy technology has only come so far.

Hmmmm, now we're just curious whether this Transformer's an Autobot or a Deceptacon... OMG, NO! It's a Glambot! Ugh, we wish SO HARD that we could be watching an episode of this glammed-out "Transformers" remake on Saturday morning. Eating a bowl of Adam Lamby Charms. Yuss. #MagicallyDelicious #IWantToGoToThere

Photo credit: Akiko Yamamoto of MTV