Austin Mahone, You're In The Polar Vortex! PLEASE Put On A Coat!

Why is Austin Mahone NOT wearing a coat in New York City's winter climate?!

That jacket tied around your waist, Austin? YOU SHOULD PUT IT ON!

We know you're a tough guy, Austin Carter Mahone. (We totally just dropped the middle name, so you know you're in trouble, boo!) We've seen your workout regimen and its resulting shirtless flawlessness. You don't have to prove anything to us. So in the future, would you PLEASE PUT ON A JACKET WHEN IT'S COLD OUTSIDE?! Thanks.

We're all in a huff because the "Mmm Yeah" singer touched down at a New York City airport wearing nothing but a T-shirt. Just a T-shirt in this Polar Vortex madness?! I mean, we get that he might have warm Texan blood pumping through his veins since his hometown, San Antonio, rarely gets chilly. (#Science) But that blood will can fuh-REEZE up north!

Don't get us wrong, we're not mad that we get to see Austin's exposed biceps. We just don't want Austin to catch a cold when he's got his big MTV Artist To Watch Tour to dominate in February.

So, we're just gonna continue in total mom-mode and scream at this photo: "You're gonna catch pneumonia walking around like that! Put on a hat! Where is your long underwear! Eat ALL your vegetables!" (Sorry, that last one's 'cause we're really on this mom kick. Vegetables are important!)

Photo credit: Splash News