Justin Bieber's 'Blunt' Video Is Actually Not At All What You're Picturing

Watch Justin Bieber's "blunt" video, and NO it's NOT what you think it is.

The Biebs isn't talking about THAT kind of blunt. GROW UP, U GUISE.

Hold up for a sec. WE KNOW WHAT YOU'RE PROBABLY THINKING. You saw the headline "Justin Bieber 'Blunt' Video," and you thought it was about the wacky tabacky, the goofy grass, the Devil's lettuce...

Well, you're wrong! The "Hold Tight" singer simply posted another skateboarding video on his Instagram captioned "Blunt," and -- wait for it -- he's not doing what you think.

A "blunt" is the name of a skateboarding trick, and SOME OF US know this because we spent the late '90s in wide-leg jeans hanging around sk8erbois and working on our hacky sack skills. Skateboard aficionados will tell all you posers that the "blunt" Justin executes is that momentary stall on the back wheels of his board. #SickBrah

Can we take a moment to note that JB's getting really good at skateboarding? First he's popping ollies, now he's pulling tricks on a half-pipe. He's turning into a regular ol' Tony Hawk! Wait, you don't know who that is? Ugh, ask your grandparents.

+ Watch Justin Bieber's "blunt" skateboarding video.

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram

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