Macklemore's Post-Grammy Domination Plans? Snuggling With His Nephew!

What's the only thing cuter than regular Macklemore? Macklemore mid-snuggle with his baby Nephew!

The only thing cuter than Macklemore is Macklemore mid-snuggle with his baby nephew!!!! 

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were definitely two of the big winners at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night. While we're sure both bros hit up plenty of after-parties, it's now back to business as usual, which, for Mack at least, means partaking in some MAJOR CUDDLE SESHES with his baby nephew, Oliver!

The "White Walls" rapper took to Instagram to share a photo of his tater tot of a nephew, captioning: "My brand new nephew Oliver." Legit, the only thing cuter than Macklemore solo, is Macklemore mid-snuggle with an adorable baby -- DRESSED IN COMPLEMENTARY PATTERNS NO LESS!

Hmmm, 10-million bucks says that this picture's gonna make a show and tell appearance when Oliver hits public school. He'll be all: "Guys! This is my famous uncle!" And then, he can be like: "Do you know what my Uncs did 48 hours before we took this photo? He made the world cry rivers of mascara-soaked tears when he and Queen Latifah married 34 actual couples during his Grammy Awards performance of 'Same Love'! While Madonna sang!!!!"

 And then Oliver wins show and tell. All of them. Worldwide. The end!

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Photo credit: Macklemore's Instagram