Prepare To Ugly-Cry While Listening To We Are The In Crowd’s New Song, ‘Windows In Heaven’

Thanks for writing the prettiest, saddest song ever, We Are The In Crowd!

In case the #sadz title didn’t give it away, We Are The In Crowd’s new song, “Windows In Heaven,” is DEFS gonna make you cry black mascara-filled RIVERS of tears before dinnertime. Which, in case it comes as a surprise, is RUDE. SO, SO RUDE.

Laced with some grimy yet rooted-in-pop production, “Windows In Heaven” legit sounds like that Katy Perry deep cut you totally forgot about, but then years later were like: “OMFG! This song is perfect.”

At the top of the track, lead vocalist Taylor Jardine — one of our 15 Fresh Female Faces Who Will Rule Pop In 2014 — sadly croons about a lost loved one. As the hook kicks in and the drums surge, Taylor asks: “If you could see me now/¬†Would you be pleased and proud/ I’m doing fine/ But sometimes I cry/ When I see your face/ Are there windows in heaven to see me now/ Through all the sky and clouds.”

Could that be any more beautiful and sad?! We… We can’t. (#uglycry) It’s definitely a more melancholy vibe than expected for the pop-rockers, but it’s beautiful and poignant and we’re fully on board.

Vaguely related: How long do we think it will take the internetz to provide us with a remix of “Windows In Heaven” and Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men’s signature sad duet,”One Sweet Day?”¬†Someone hit us up when that fruitful music bounty is available, plz!

+ Listen to We Are The In Crowd’s “Windows In Heaven.”

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