Taylor Swift And Lorde Deserve A Grammy For Best Besties

Taylor Swift and Lorde look so cute being all BFF-like at the 2014 Grammy Awards!

Is there a BFF nickname for Taylor and Lorde? Maybe Torde? Laylor? OH, LORDE & TAYLOR!!!!

After paying homage to the cutest couples at the 2014 Grammys, it's time to award the winners of our next totally made-up category: "The Grammy Award For Best Besties"! Our first nominees are... Taylor Swift and Lorde!

Our second nominee is... NVM! All those Grammy photos of their adorably surprising friendship have pretty much sealed the deal. So, without further ado, the award goes to TAY AND LORDE FOREVER!!!! Can someone give these ladies what they've won? Nobody? FINE, we'll handle it. *cuts two hearts out of construction paper, writes "Friends Forever" on both, slaps glitter on 'em* Beautiful.

Anyway, we can't think of a better pop music friendship than this pair's. They really do have TONS in common! Early success at a young age? Check. A passion for milkshakes? Check. A bunch of coveted awards they have to dust? Check, check, check, check times infinity, check.

One thing, though: Where's our Lorde & Taylor collabo? Hmmm, wait... Taylor HAS been back in the studio recently! OMG, pleeeeeeease tell us something's in the works?!?! BRB, praying.

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Photo credit: Getty Images