Ariana Grande Did Grammys Night Right… By Covering Herself In Dogs

The best Grammys after-party? The one that where Ariana Grande was covered in puppies!

Who needs a Grammy when you have a million dogs to love you?

Which Grammy Awards after-party was the best last night? Obviously, it was Ariana Grande's, because there is literally nothing greater than lying on the floor covered in a moving blanket of puppies. #Fact

Ditching the ragers in favor of the studio (#dedicated), Ari shared her late-night cuddlefest on Instagram, captioning: "3am puppy moments. just got home from the studio. night errrbody." Honestly, we're not sure how she does it.

Speaking of amazing Ariana Grande-related happenings in the world, did you see her epic tweet last night? You know, the one where she basically SHUT DOWN ALL THE HATERS ON TWITTER EVER?!

So take that! The "Right There" singer simply has NO EFFS TO GIVE about whether you care for her retro, '50s-inspired look or not. Oh, and if you don't like Ariana's signature hairdo -- aka that voluminous "Is that one pony tail, Ari?!" moment? Here, look at all the effs she gives.

True to form, Ariana Grande was in utter slay-age mode at last night's Grammy awards.


Photo credit: Ariana Grande's Instagram/Getty

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