Justin Bieber Pauses His Recovery To Remind Us Of His Two Other Favorite Pastimes

Post arrest, Justin Bieber's back at skateboarding and graffiti.

Is this a sign that Justin's trying to find his Trukfit-approved happy place?

Less than a week after his arrest in Miami, Justin Bieber ditched the Grammy Awards in favor of a less hectic environment. The "Hold Tight" singer flew off to Panama to meet up with his posse of supporters, including his mentor, Usher. (Better not have been any cigars at that pow-wow, because SMOKING IS BAD, PEOPLE!)

On Sunday, Justin took to Instagram to reflect on the good old graffiti-filled days at Lil Wayne's Miami skate park... which was also less than a week ago. But hey, memories is memories, and it's not even officially Throwback Thursday anyway, so whatever!

The Biebs must be feeling nostalgic, because he also shared a video of his #sk8erboi moves, captioning, "How could I not." Maybe Justin's using skateboarding therapy to find himself, and it's really, really helpful? Is this something medical scientists should look into? IDK, but you do you, Biebs. Whatever it takes to get right!

+ Watch Justin Bieber's skateboarding video.

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram