15 People Who Totally Nailed It At The Grammys

What do these four have in common? A profesh diagnosis of chronic NAILING IT syndrome.

So, we already know that Daft Punk, Lorde, and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were the big winners at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards. And, we’re all well aware of the already iconic performances that went down onstage, like Beyoncé and Jay Z’sDrunk And Love” and Taylor Swift’sAll Too Well.”

Yet, despite the approximately 4,177 categories up for grabs, there’s one group of Grammy attendees who haven’t received the recognition they truly deserve. And those are the people who NAILED. IT.

Did what at the Grammys? NAILED IT. Nailed what? IT. These are your faves who showed up, kicked ass, took names, and maybe even threw a goofy audience reaction shot into the mix for good measure. They stayed up late on a school night, got mass-married on live TV, and basically got pregnant right in front of Ariana Grande’s innocent little eyes.

And, all we gotta say is: WE SALUTE YOU. Our picks for the 15 people who nailed it at the Grammys are…

1.) Taylor Swift, the country-pop princess who managed to out-headbang Metallica.

2.) The entire BeyHive, who’ve been waiting very patiently for some live performances in the BEYONCÉ era.

3.) Oh, and Jay Z and Beyoncé, themselves. Why? Ummm, ’cause they’re definitely with child after that super-sexy “Drunk In Love” performance.

4.) Speaking of the Carter-Knowles fam, Blue Ivy has made the list, too. I mean, she’s got a brand-new Grammy sippy cup!

5.) Katy Perry, who managed to work in some #RoarPromo during another artist’s performance.

6.) And again for Katy, because she said she’d boil us in her cauldron if we didn’t include her twice.

7.) Madonna’s son, David. Kid got to stay up till (almost) midnight on a school night!

8.) Pink, who served Cirque du So Slay realness during her death-defying performance.


10.) Taylor again, because she got to kiss Bruno Mars on the cheek. #HooliganSwoon

11.) Nile Rodgers, for getting all those Grammys.

12.) Oh, and Lorde, too! She nabbed two gramophones herself. BTW, Lorde, wanna grab lunch to celebrate????

13.) Lou Reed, for inspiring generations of artists to take a walk on the wild side.

14.) Gay people did pretty good. (See: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ mass wedding ceremony during “Same Love.”)

15.) Aaaaaaaand Miley Cyrus, who stayed home and played “Guitar Hero.” BAI.

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Photo credit: Getty Images, @mileycyrus / GIFs: MTV

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