We Gathered Up The Whole World's Sadz And Cries And Feels From Macklemore, Madonna & Queen Latifah's Grammys Gay Marriage Celebration

These GIFs don't nearly sum up the tears of joy we wept while watching Macklemore, Madonna & Queen Latifah's Grammys Gay Marriage Celebration

Just looking at this celebration of marriage equality makes us weep!

Four-time 2014 Grammy nominees and committed bargain hunters Macklemore & Ryan Lewis demolished the Grammy stage with their performance of their marriage equality anthem, "Same Love." And, while we planned to not tear our eyes away from the screen for one single second of their epic performance, WE COULDN'T SEE THROUGH THE TEARS OF JOY THAT WE CRIED WHILE WATCHING!

And did your tears runneth over when Queen Latifah married actual couples during the performance? While Madonna sang? Oh, did that happen to you?! Because it happened to us. And apparently it happened all around the Internet. We know because we gauged the ENTIRE INTERNET and found these tearful reactions to Macklemore's Grammys performance and marriage equality celebration:

Photo credit: Getty Images / GIF: MTV/Totalprosports.com; Gamemoir.com; Pettygifs.tumblr.com; Cheezburger.com; static.squarespace.com; Lebanese-Gleek.tumblr.com; Coventrytelegraph.net

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