The Craziest Grammys Red Carpet Photo You'll See All Night


Nobody smile, aaaaaaaand... Say cheese!

Sorry, clown from Slipknot, but we've got a new favorite Grammy Awards red carpet photo of the night. Presenting: Madonna, her son David, Yoko Ono, and Lady Gaga standing together like one big, creepy, kooky, seriously spooky family.

OK, we hear you. You're probably screaming "THAT'S OBVIOUSLY PHOTOSHOPPED, OMFG" at your screen right now. True, Madge and Yoko were there, but this is clearly Gaga from the YouTube Music Awards.

But, trust us. What with Katy Perry's super-witchy "Dark Horse" performance that night, the Grammys were absolutely brimming with enough magic to make the impossible happen. Like, say, maybe spoiling the ending of this week's "American Horror Story: Coven" finale? #SurpriseBitch

Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Yoko Ono appeared on the 2014 Grammy Awards red carpet together??

Photo credit: T. Kyle MacMahon of Reality TV GIFs / GIF: Panda Whale

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