Taylor Swift Was Ridin' It With Her #SURFBOARDT During Beyonce And Jay Z's Grammy Performance

Taylor Swift was riding round on her #SURFBOARDT during Beyonce and Jay Z's 2014 Grammy performance.

Oh my god, Beyoncé and Jay Z's "Drunk In Love" performance at the Grammy Awards may or may not have slayed us, given us life, re-slayed, given us life again, and so on in some kind of ***flawless Sisyphean loop. Know what we mean? Hey, Taylor Swift does! Look at her up there, grainin' on that wood and ridin' it with her #SURFBOARDT. Dream BFF! OBSESSED.

But seriously, Bey and Jay's live set was seriously life-giving in a very different kinda way. As in, we're not sure if Blue Ivy's gonna be an only child for very long. At the risk of calling the quality of American sex education into question, we're pretty sure that our queen is now pregnant again. Calling it!

Taylor Swift was riding on her #SURFBOARDT during Beyonce and Jay Z's Grammys performance.

+ Watch Beyoncé and Jay Z perform "Drunk In Love" live at the 2014 Grammys.

Photo credit: MTV / GIFs: MTV