The ONLY GIF From Hunter Hayes’ Grammy Performance That Matters!

Hunter Hayes took the¬†2014 Grammy¬†stage by storm when he debuted his brand-new song, “Invisible,” and… Well, let’s just say that THERE WAS A VERY SPECIAL MOMENT THAT TOOK PLACE.

Like what, you might be asking?! Oh, just when Hunter took a very brief pause from slaying teen (and a couple mom) hearts everywhere with his subtle country croon for a sec to — wait for it — PRAY! Like, hands clasped together, full-on #NAMASTE prayer action!

An unexpected bit of choreography at the Grammys? YEP! Then again, if we sounded as stellar as Hunter, we might take a second to thank the heavens for the bounty that was our voice, too.

+ Watch Hunter Hayes perform “Invisible” live at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

Photo credit: Getty Images / GIF: MTV