We Dare You Not To Squee Over The Cutest Couples At The Grammys!

Katy Perry and her brother David = the most adorbz Grammys family duo. (No disrespect to Madonna.)

This year’s Grammys did NOT disappoint in the cuteness department. I mean, are Katy Perry and her younger brother David Hudson not the sweetest, most supportive musical siblings of all time? You can’t tell me otherwise, and I won’t believe you if you do! (That’s just how facts work!)

In fact, between the 33 couples getting married by Queen Latifah as Madonna, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and Mary Lambert sang “One Love” on LIVE TELEVISION, to Beyonce and “Cool DadJay Z’s “Drunk In Love“-fest, the Grammys delivered enough moments in the “Aren’t they precious?” department to make an entire line of Valentine’s Day cards for lovebirds, family and friends alike. (Get at me, Hallmark!)

So come for the music, stay for the AW-DORBZ family duos and romantical couples!

+ Madonna and her son David SLAY the red carpet in matching suits and fierce posing. Cuteness runs in the family. As does matchy menswear.

+ Rita Ora and her boyfriend Calvin Harris are all like, “Hiyee, we’re having the best time ever right now!” 

+ Anna Kendrick serves as the wedding photographer for the INSANELY MOVING live marriage ceremony. All the joy.

+ Um, does it get ANY better than Thirty Seconds To Mars’ Jared Leto and his awards show plus-one/brother/band mate, Shannon, AND THEIR EPIC EYEBROWS STARING INTO OUR SOULS.

+ #SorryNotSorry, we cannot get enough of mother-son icons Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon in matching hats. Mommy & Me matching = so hot right now. 

+ So what if they don’t smile? Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are that chillaxed couple next door who totally invite you over for wine… And stuff.

+ Queen of acrobatic badassery Pink and hubby Carey Hart are adorbz in that, “Hey, we ride hogs and attend the Church of IDGAF” way.

+ C’mon, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift! Fall in love already. If only because your kids would have incredible hair.


Photo credit: Getty