Taylor Swift’s Hair-Whipping ‘All Too Well’ Performance At The Grammys — In GIFs!

Taylor’s Grammy performance was all too FLAWLESS.

While we obviously love it when Taylor Swift goes for full-on spectacle (see her “We Are Never Getting Back Together” performance at last year’s Grammy Awards), we are always here for her more subdued, girl-with-a-guitar sets. Or, girl-with-a-piano in the case of this live rendition of “All Too Well.”

While Tay-Tay’s voice quietly reverberated through our souls, there was one big surprise as the performance went on. Namely, when Taylor would feel the Red track so hard through her body that she felt compelled to whip her hair back and forth like little Willow Smith! Ha, so Taylor’s on Team Hairography? Who knew!

Ahhhh, amazing! Our country-pop princess reigns supreme. But, one thing. We’re obvs not concern-trolling you, Taylor, but how’s your neck doing? You OK?

Eep, #PrayForTaylorsNeck.

+ Watch Taylor Swift perform “All Too Well” live at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

Photo credit: Getty Images / GIFs: MTV

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