We’re Gonna Call This 2004 Grammys Photo Of Courtney Love And Paris Hilton… ‘Celebrity Skin’!

Who doesn’t wanna hold the girl with the most cake? 

Welcome to another edition of Flashback Friday dinner theater theatre.

Picture it: the Grammy Awards after-party, 2004. Courtney Love is tired and wants to rest her dogs for a moment. She moves to a couch, next to a very, very, VERY tan woman. She turns and realizes — WOHMG — it’s Paris Hilton! They laugh, they hug, and basically invent “IDGAF” right there on the spot.

OK, story’s over. So, does anyone else think that the “Good Time” singer tried to convince Courtney to try this new thing (back THEN) called “spray tanning,” and that Courtney was super-skeptical? IDK, but there is evidence that the Hole frontwoman has since tried it at least once.

The rest of Courtney and Paris’ conversation, though, shall remain a mystery because Twitter wasn’t invented yet.


Photo credit: Getty Images

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