Video Premiere: Here’s The ’80s-Throwback, Surrealist Dreamscape Of Neon Trees’ ‘Sleeping With A Friend’… In GIFs!

You know how with a lot of music videos from the 1980s, you could tell that there were some insanely creative minds at work, but they just didn’t have the budget AT ALL to execute their awesome trippy ideas? (We’re looking atchu, Peter Gabriel’sSledgehammer.”) Well, consider Neon Trees’ new clip for “Sleeping With A Friend” your retro faves’ pastel-hued retribution.

Basically, if you threw one of the more unhinged episodes of “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” into a blender, pureed in that limbo sequence from “Beetlejuice,” and threw in a “Max Headroom” energy boost — because what the hell, #treatyoself — you’d get “Sleeping With A Friend.” Oh, and lead singer Tyler Glenn’s whole two-stepping Billy Idol thing! We swoon. We die. Circle of life.

Anyway, all those tiled patterns and geometric green screens are probably best left to be consumed visually. So, without further ado, here’s Neon Trees’ new “Sleeping With A Friend” video — in GIF wall form.

+ Watch Neon Trees’ “Sleeping With A Friend” video.

Photo credit: The Island Def Jam Music Group / GIFs: MTV