Selena Gomez Goes Out To Dinner With Demi Lovato And Her Excellent New Pink Hair

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato hug eachother and say goodbye after dining at Craig's restaurant in Los Angeles

Selena and Demi have a BFF dinner to catch up on... oh, YOU KNOW what they talked about.

Looks like Demi Lovato is back from her recent trip in Mexico! We're sure that the "Neon Lights" singer just wanted to meet up with her longtime BFF, Selena Gomez, to tell her all about the vacay and show off her new pink hair. (Amazing, BTW!)

Except we kiiiinda, maaaaybe think their table talk at Craig's in West Hollywood might've taken a turn in a different direction. *cough cough* An ex-boyfriend's recent arrest, perhaps? *cough cough*

We can only imagine how their dinner conversation went down:

Selena: So, I guess you heard about my ex?

Demi: Yeah…

Selena: Yeah… At least your hair looks good.

Then, we'd like to think that they split, like, five different decadent dessert platters because that's what you do when you're gossiping about ex-boyfriends and celebrating a new hair color. You stuff your face full of all the sugary treats that you can!

Speaking of treats, is anyone else craving cotton candy right now thanks to Demi's delicious-looking new hair color? Just us? Also: WHY ARE WE ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT FOOD?!

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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