Kanye West Can’t Keep Up With Kim Kardashian’s Fast-Paced Stroller Game

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West take North West out for a day of shopping! 

Kanye West may be a rap god, but judging by these photos of the rapper, his fiancée, Kim Kardashian, is a straight-up stroller goddess! The happy couple took their swaggy li’l tot, North West, out for a day of shopping in Los Angeles, and to put it bluntly? Kim’s stroller-pushing power walk was leaving Kanye in the dust!

Bye bye, Kanye!

That said, the “Bound 2” co-stars/motorcycle sex afficionados were probably a little wary of the swarming paparazzi, so we can understand why Kim was eager to protect her darling North.

You tired, man?

Either that, or maybe Kanye had to take a second to catch his breath from all the credit card swipes? That sh** can get exhausting. Here’s what we do know: Kanye’s grumpy “step the eff back” face is preeeetty much how we feel about literally everything ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

We identify with this face so hard.

Or, wait… Do we think Kanye’s making this face because he JUST found out that Justin Bieber got arrested???? I mean, Justin IS Kanye’s fiancée’s sister’s ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s best friend’s ex-boyfriend. That means they’re probably pretty close, right? Right?

Photo credit: Getty Images, WENN