Austin Mahone's 'Mmm Yeah' Featuring Pitbull Is The Sexiest Round Of Word-Fumbling Flirting We've Ever Heard

REJOICE! You can now listen to a 10-second-snippet of Austin Mahone's "Mmm Yeah" featuring Pitbull.

Joy is real. You can now listen to Austin's new single in its entirety.

The buildup to Austin Mahone's "Mmm Yeah," the 17-year-old singer's epic collab with Pitbull, has been INTENSE! Yesterday's 10-second snippet barely answered the pressing question: "What could a record boldly titled 'Mmm Yeah' sound like?" Well friends, TODAY WE GET THAT ANSWER!

As expected, Austin's new single is a super-sugary, expertly polished pop jam. Lyrically, the track picks up right where we left off in "Banga Banga," when Austin had just spotted the girl of his dreams. Even though she doesn't give him the time of day, he's so taken by her beauty, he involuntarily shouts "Mmm Yeah!" Soon after, Austin elaborates: "Six-inch heels clicking up down the street/ You know she's coming in when she walks away."

Pitbull pops up later, only to confirm that li'l bro's babe is a straight-up smokeshow: "You can see that back from the front, front/ Booty like Kris Kross/ Jump Jump!" A Kris Kross reference in 2014? NIIIIIIIICE.

Closing thoughts? While you might question the song's super-romantic chorus, we would argue that perhaps Austin and Mr. Worldwide's new record is just a simple pop ditty about two bros being so taken aback by a lady's beauty that the only thing they can say is: "Mmm yeah!"

Yeahhhh, get 'em while they're single, ladies!

+ Listen to Austin Mahone's "Mmm Yeah" featuring Pitbull.

Photo credit: Chase Records/ Cash Money Records, Inc.