#TBT: Remember When Child Versions Of Rihanna And Beyonce Hit The Grammy Red Carpet?

Werque it, little Bey!

Personally, we think every Throwback Thursday should involve children dressed up as pop divas, because first of all, IT’S SO CUTE! And second of all, OUR FIRST REASON WAS SUFFICIENT. Today, we are in luck.

Since the Grammy Awards are on Sunday — make sure you follow @MTVBuzzworthy to keep up with all the crazy ish! — we dug up photos from the “ToddleWood” project. ICYMI, the geniuses behind ToddleWood dressed up li’l munchkins to look like your favorite celebs on the 2013 Grammys red carpet. The results were — DUH! — adorable.

One thing, though! When looking at these #TBT pics of Beyoncé Junior and Rihanna the Second, please try not to break the sonic barrier with the inevitable operatic “SQUEE!” you’ll emit. Thanks!

BB RiRi’s smize is PERFECT.

Photo credit: Tricia Messeroux, Getty Images